About the Margaret Sweeney Collection of dog breed Christmas Cards

Greetings from the Margaret Sweeney Collection of Dog breed Christmas cards.

My Christmas cards were born almost by accident. I was looking for a unique card with pug art to send as my own cards. Not having any luck, I painted the first pug art to send as my own card and printed them. Eventually my print customers, dog loving friends, and relatives to whom I sent the cards began asking for some themselves.

That was 30 years ago and now the list of breeds as well as the number of cards available for each breed has grown. I try to do a new cards for most breeds every year as well as new breeds, I have quite a few customers that have ordered their cards from me since the beginning.

Even in this day of electronic messaging I still like to send and recieve a card that someone picked out especially for me. I try to make each card reflect the unique qualities and characteristics of the breed of dog they represent. I have had many delightful comments over the years on my cards from the senders as well as the recipient.

Here is to a very healthy and happy new year.

Christmas Card art 2

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