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Frequently Asked Questions
How to order on the site.
Is this a secure site?
We have partnered with Authorize.net a leading payment gateway since 1996,
to accept credit cards safely and securely for our customers. The company adheres to
strict industry standards. I don't even see the credit card numbers.
According to industry experts customers are more likely to have their credit card stolen in the real world (rather than the virtual one) or have their cards stolen from a bill or reciept that has been thrown away.
I order on-line all the time and have never had a problem.
How do I know if my order went through?
You will get an email pretty fast with all the details of your order. This is a good time to check your personalization that you typed in to make sure everything is spelled correctly without typos.
What if I make a mistake when ordering?
If you ordered too many cards accidently (it happens) or just want to change your mind about the personalization or something about your orderand it has already processed...just email me and we will either refund you or fix the mistake.
If you see that you want to change your mind on the checkout page you can click remove
and start over.
Can I print out an order form and send it in?
Click on ordering in the left hand navigation column and the click on online order form and print.
What if my credit card is rejected?
The most common things that happen are...
When you type in the expiration date the year has to be 4 numbers not 2.
We don't take American Express just Visa, Mastercard & Discover.
Check the number to see if it is right.
If that does not work then you have to contact your credit card company and see what the problem is because we don't have that information.
Do you sell or distribute my information?
No absolutely not. I don't give out, rent or sell any of my customer information.
What if I am unhappy with my order or it is wrong?
I have an unconditional guarantee. I will do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy. 
I will either send you the right cards or refund your money.
I am only human and it can get really crazy around Christmas so I do make mistakes. 
I have always made sure all of my customers are happy for 20 years.
How quickly will my order be delivered?
Most of the time I ship out the next day unless it is on a weekend or holiday.
At Christmas it does tend to slow down the closer it gets to the holidays so it is best
to order before Thanksgiving or the first week in December at the latest to be sure. 
Also I tend to sell out of a lot of cards after Thanksgiving.
Due to a large increase in orders I am selling out earlier than ever. I also am not taking any orders after Nov. 30th to allow time to get the orders already in shipped in time.
Labels are shipped separately.
Overseas orders and deliveries.
Because of the high cost of shipping overseas I no onger ship to Canada or overseas.
Do you take Paypal?
I don't take credit cards through paypal from the web site but if you email me your order I will send you a Paypal invoice that you in turn release funds to my Paypal account. You have to have a Paypal account.
Can I send the order as a gift?
Yes, definitely. Just put the shipping address you want the gift to go to.
I can't remember which card I got last year, which is the new one?
When I post the new cards every year I put the newest card first.
What kind of paper do you use?
I use a high quality 65 lb. card stock for the Christmas cards and and note cards.  I custom order the paper and envelopes directly from the mill. The paper has a mat finish and a smooth writing surface.  The Christmas cards are printed on a very light cream and the note cards on white with matching envelopes.
The archival ink lasts for 80-100 years and is printed in 7 colors.
How much can I put inside the card?
You can put as much as I can reasonably fit inside the card. You can just put your name or your dogs name or you can compose your own Christmas poem.  I have some customers that put 22 dogs names in the card.
Where do I add the personalization?
You add the personalization when you put in the credit card info.
What do the inside greeting choices look like?
You can choose from 3 different inside greeting...
Wishing You All the Joys of the Holiday Season
Merry Christmas
Season's Greetings
You can see how they look when you click ordering on the left side of the site on the front page.
Can you personalize the note cards?
Unfortuntely I am not set up to personalize the note cards. They are blank inside.
Where can I get your prints?
The prints are available on line now.  After you select your breed from view breeds, just scroll down. All of the prints are not up yet, please inquire if you do not see one that matches the note card.
Do you donate or discount to clubs?
I donate only to rescue groups.  I try to pick out 2 or 3 every year and send them cards and prints for auctions.  I also donate to my local Humane Society where I got my IzzyBo.
I offer a discount to clubs before the end of August. Please contact me for details.
Do you wholesale or where can I get your cards at a store?
I no longer wholesale the cards and they aren't available in stores only online on this site or from me by phone or mail. The site keeps me so busy I just don't have the time.
What kind of dogs do you have?
I now have a sheltie and a Pug puppy that you can see on the meet the staff page. Macintosh (Mac-o) is a sable and I got as a puppy. Winslow Homer is my new pug and is a pistol. GloryDay (Glory) is a sable merle with one blue eye and was a rescue sheltie and passed this year. We all miss her.
I have had a Great Dane, Pug and Cocker in the past.  I haven't had many dogs because fortunately they have lived a long life.
We (the dogs and I) have a white shorthair cat with a black tail named IzzyBo. She acts like she puts up with us but secretly I think she is quite fond of the us. She likes to play with Mac and hates Winslow.
Where do you get your ideas from?
Because I have been doing the Christmas cards for 20 years I always wonder what I am going to come up with next.  Fortunately I always have a lot of good ideas and usually have some left over that I didn't have time to do from the previous year. I start the new cards in January.
I try to match the temperament and function (what the dog was originally bred for) to the background.
It's simple...if you are not completely satisfied with your order for any reason, we will promptly refund your money or replace the cards, whichever you like.
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