Favorite Sites

Great sites with unique and interesting dog stuff. 

I like to visit sites that have unique and interesting stuff for dogs, something you don't find at the big box stores.

There are lots of great little companies like my own that have wonderful stuff.They have to compete with the thousands of sites out there that are bigger and are more easily found.  It's great to find the small unique sites.

I hope we find some that will interest you.


    • Alpha Dog Toys
      Good dog toys that encourage physical activity,provide mental exercise. A wide selection that will reduce boredom or separation and strengthen the bond between owner and dog.  Big dogs will love this site!

    • Cool Dog Sites
      Lots of great links to all kind of dog stuff. Links to breeders, dog info, dogie stuff and art, communities and rescue organizations.

    • Dinky Dawg Shoppe
      Dinky Dawg Shoppe specializes in unique and unusual doggie outfits. They offer a personalized fit for your small and toy breed dogs. Lots of other stuff too!

    • Directory Dogs

    • Doggie Bow Ties
      Offers professional quality dog bows and dog show bows for Shih Tzu, Yorkie,Maltese breeds. Also has written dog bow instructions on how to make dog bows.

  • Pampered Puppy
    Pampered Puppy is a great site to find all kinds of designer dog stuff that is very unique. They also have the largest dog photo contest on the internet.

  • Pets Square

    Great directory of links to all things dogs.

  • USA Pets Today
    Provides pet food comparison information and explains what should NOT be in your dog food. Also provides healthy premium dog foods and breed information to achieve optimum pet health.
  • PoochOutfitters.com
    Pooch Outfitter guarantees the best in style, design and quality. Fashionable doggie outfits that meets todays lifestyles. Sweaters, tees and polos as well as charms, harnesses, hats and much more. Very cute!

    The perfect accessories for your posh pooch! Lots of great bows and doggie outfits, even some T's for you.

  • Christmas Ornaments
    Find a wide selection of unique Christmas ornaments for the season.

  • fordogtrainers.com

  • Bloomintale's Dog Boutique
  • From custom made clothing to thelatest trends in designer dog fashionAll kinds of accessories to healthy treats to interactive dog toys...they have your pampered pooch covered. 

  • My Favorite Dog
    Natural, Organic and Holistic dog food. Informative reviews of the top quality dog foods for your pet's health.

  • poshpetglamourboutique.com
  • http://shop.themountain.me/pug-face-t-shirt/                                                                                      .
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